Leak Detection in Omagh, Londonderry, Enniskillen

If you have a water leak but can't find the source The Leak Doctor is the expert to call. Utilising the latest in leak detection technology allows us to quickly find and repair the leaking pipe without the need for major excavation of flooring, ceilings and walls.

Leak Detection Solutions

Finding & repairing a leak in your property without using leak detection equipment can be a costly matter, especially if the cause of the leak can't be found quickly and excavation is required to uncover the source. This can result in the expensive refurbishment of floors, walls or ceilings at considerable expense. The Leak Doctor can identify the location of the leak and reduce the amount of disruption and cost involved in repairing the leak.

Our Services:

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Water Leak Detection

We provide water leak detection and insurance assistance with minimum stress. Leak detection is a non destructive solution to finding leaks on any internal and commercial properties including heating systems and water mains. This service is covered with most home insurance policies under trace and access.

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Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection finds a leak using ultra-sensitive microphones, which 'listen' for leak sounds that are generated through the damaged pipework. Our software can differentiate between leak-generated sounds and background sound contamination.

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Trace Gas Leak Detection Equipment

Trace Gas is non-toxic and does not harm any pipework or the environment and is used to detect leaks on all pipework, including underfloor heating systems.
This specialist gas is pressurised through the pipes and makes its way to the surface, where it escapes allowing us to detect your leak with our gas detector. This allows us to locate your leak to a specific area, even under concrete; we use this method on heating systems for its accuracy. These are non-invasive techniques and do not cause any damage to your property.

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Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Initially, we would use a Thermal Imaging Camera to possibly identify pipe locations buried within the building structure, i.e. walls, concrete, cavities etc. These cameras are non-invasive and show differences in the surface temperature, allowing us to identify where the underfloor heating leak is coming from with minimal disruption to you and your property.

Saving you time & money

Leaks cause damage and cost money, boiler leaks can leave you without hot water and heating.

Heating system losing pressure, a burst pipe or an unusually high water bill should be resolved as soon as possible. It is a problem that won't fix itself and will only lead to more problems if left alone.

Most leaks can be dealt with quickly, and are usually covered by insurance, therefore our costs can be recovered quickly.

Calling us today if you suspect you have a leak can save you time, stress and money.

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